Yacht Moving Requires Detailed Preparation

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The easiest way to get a yacht moving is to fire up the engines, or set the sail, and head out onto the water. However, this is not always possible, especially if the yacht is going to be put into dry dock for inspection and repairs, or placed in storage for an extended period of time. Hiring a yacht moving company with experience will help reduce the risk of damage to the vessel.

Many times to save money, owner of smaller yachts will prepare them for the moves themselves, and there are a few things to consider when preparing for the yacht moving company to show up. Starting in the cabins below deck, double and triple check that all loose items are properly secured and all door and drawers are closed and secured. Some owners, if the boat is going into storage, will tape the doors closed to prevent them from popping open and being damaged by swinging freely during transport.


All hatches should be closed, locked and taped to prevent wind damage while being transported or while in storage. Depending on the part of the country in which the yacht moving company will take the boat, it may be hit by storms while in storage and proper preparation can reduce the risk of damage.

Wrapping Boat Protects It From Weather, Sun

When a boat sits in storage for any length of time, sun damage will occur and high winds can blow foreign objects at the boat causing additional damage. To many owners before a yacht moving truck arrives, they will wrap the boat in shrink wrap to protect it during transport as well as while in storage. If the owner of the yacht cannot be at the dock when the boat is picked up they should arrange with a responsible person at the dock to inspect the tie-down procedures of the yacht moving company before signing the release of the vessel.

If the vessel is going to lifted by a sling onto a trailer, make sure the sling is strong enough for the weight of the boat and well as large enough to wrap around the boat to minimize any damage. In some instances, a yacht moving company will want to use for than one sling to help distribute the weight evenly across the length of the boat. Check with the company as far as responsibility for damages if the owner is prepping the boat for transport, as many times if the company does not get it ready to go, they will not accept responsibility for resulting damages.

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