Size Alone Does Not Make A Yacht

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Originally used by the Dutch Navy as a fast sailing vessel the yacht essentially consists of two different classes of boats. The sailing yacht and power yacht, are two most common, with the sailing yacht actually having four types, the day sailing, weekender, cruiser and racing with their design and size determining its use.

Power yachts used today maintain the power and luxury found in many of the old style yachts and vary in length from about 36 feet to well over 100 feet in length. They are also equipped to be able to stay at sea for several days at a time. The luxury yacht owned by some of the better-known billionaires may range in the 500-foot length. They also have sufficiently living space for several days at sea as well as offices, meeting rooms and other designated areas to meet the business and personal needs of their owners.


Sailing yachts typically measure between about 20 feet and 100 feet, with the day sailing vessels having to interior cabin space as they are used only the during thee day. Many are used as rental craft by the hour or the day, not designed for overnight use. The weekender yacht style, as the name implies has facilities to provide sleeping quarters and a pantry to sustain use for the weekend.

Powering Yacht Depends On Conditions

Sailboats obviously are powered by sail and many also house an engine, gas or diesel, to help navigate into docks or when there is no wind to fill their sails. Most power yachts will have huge inboard diesel engines to power them through their times at sea. Most are equipped for several days voyage with fresh water tanks, fuel tanks and food supplies to carry them several thousands of miles before needing to stop and take on supplies.

Many of the yacht owners have their vessels equipped for long excursions with the comforts of home such as televisions with satellite dishes, video games and in some cases pool tables and other games. Many also use them as their mode of transport with certain constraints, and employ a crew of experienced sailors to keep the ship in top shape and also to navigate them to their destinations.


There are well-known yacht races that bring sport sailing enthusiasts from around the world to compete in head-to-head competitions. The open sea races involve several days of traveling a specific course as the race is judged on handling the vessel, navigation and speed.

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