Superyachts are the aspirations of many, it seems; and what drives those dreams? Is it owning your own floating palace or castle, somewhere you can pretend that you are free of outside influences? Have boat will travel in style and cruise the pleasure waters, wherever they are on this earth. At the Monaco Yacht Show it is all about watching TV on your superyacht (seems an expensive way to watch TV). The picture can be beamed onto hidden wall screens via ultra HD video. Discreet technology is the buzzword right now for the super wealthy who boat.

Superyachts Travelling with their Own Balloons

Invisible speakers, which look like other things, broadcast stunning sound. Wi-Fi courtesy of Project Loon by Google will have superyachts travelling with their own balloons delivering high speed internet at sea. Bluetooth localisation will allow big swinging dicks to swan about their superyachts and be serenaded via Bluetooth automatic connectivity. Lighting and ambience can be adjusted to the desired settings for the occupant. Systems redundancy (which sounds like some underling getting the sack), is actually a back up system when primary servers go down.

Your Yacht & Technology

If there is one constant in this world of increasingly rapid change, it is that innovation and boat design will always go hand in hand. Even if that hand may soon be robotic and the material it is made out of is carbon-fibre. The America’s Cup is like sailing’s NASA in many ways, a catalyst for technological innovation. Yacht designers are building ever faster boats to compete in events like the Sydney to Hobart and other big-time races. The materials, that hulls and sails are being made out of, are stretching the envelope in design and performance terms. These high tech solutions are making boats faster and able to do many more things.

Progressive Highway in Sailing

How you handle waste at sea is another realm, continually being modified and upgraded. Superyachts, now, have compressors and vacuum holding tanks aboard. Air filtration, UV treatments and biological solutions are coming online as well. Energy self-sufficiency is another progressive highway in sailing. Solar panels are one expanding source of power happening on boats around the globe. Wind generators are another means of self-generating power on the high seas. Water turbines are turning heads in this regard as well in the modern sailing world. Keeping your battery charged is now easier and cheaper than ever before.

The prestigious Sydney Boat Show is on again this year at Darling Harbour from 2nd to 6th of August 2018.

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