Alas, the sockless boat shoe look has spread far and wide, and well beyond the shores of your local marina. Similarly, the captain’s hat, the Fiddler, the skipper’s hat, whatever you wish to call it, is more at home on Gilligan’s Island than anywhere else these days. Stripes remain perennially popular amongst the maritime crowd; and those wishing to evoke those French sailor’s and their sexy girlfriends. Nautical themes with boatnecks can make you stand out from the crowd, when it comes to casting off your anchor. Here are a few bright ideas, as to how to look like you own a yacht.

Dressing Like a Yachtee

Windbreakers, spray jackets, UV trousers, deck shorts, and salopettes can all suggest the maritime realm. The yacht owner is always working on his sail boat, so, remember to park your boat in clear view of your adoring public. Living on a marina makes sense if you want to give off the right impression. Otherwise, make sure you have your yacht on its trailer out the front of the house. Decorate your garden with sea shells, and rusting anchors as sculptures, to ensure that rolled gold nautical vibe.

The Wealthy Sailor Emanates Confidence

The wealthy sailor emanates confidence and success. Implants for a fantastic smile can seal the deal when it comes to walking the talk on the high seas. Nobody can resist the rare smile of the sea going captain. Do you remember The Ghost and Mrs Muir? Of course, this was a remake of a veritable movie, made in 1947, and starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. The ancient mariner made more palatable by Hollywood in this delightful romantic comedy. Our ghostly captain favoured dark navy colours in contrast to the lovely Mrs Muir.

The Drunken Sailor

Laser therapies can help with that rolling gait and other problems with the feet, which long term sailors, often, fall prey to. The boat shoe and the Portuguese Fisherman’s shoe are all sensible examples of footwear suited to the rolling deck. Life aboard the ship, which sails above the swelling seas and the rapid current, is one of changing inclinations. Yachtees must be flexible and able to adapt to the rollicking waves in life and in love. The drunken sailor is, sometimes, wrongly accused because of his rolling gait. Dress for success wherever you abide, whether it be on land or sea.