In the bad old days, if you had a boat, and you wanted some eye candy action aboard, you would raid a coastal village or two and steal some locals. Enslaving women was one of the most lucrative angles in the ancient world. In fact, someone should tell those eastern Europeans that we don’t live in those times anymore. These days, you can access a modern slave market for models by contacting one of the many agencies who hire out good looking youngsters for events and trade shows. Tits and teeth are on display, as these girls crew in revealing swimsuits; and know their way around a captain or two. Here is how to hire models to board your yacht with you.

Rent Models to Crew Your Yacht

If you want to look good and impress clients or friends, then renting models to crew your yacht is the way to go. Models come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will need to specify if you want your model to walk and talk or just walk. Some of them are bilingual, which means that they can converse in two or more languages. Bilingual, I said, not necessarily bisexual, my misanthropic mariner. Obviously, the talking models are more expensive to hire for your cruise.

High Sea’s Models

Sail in to Sydney this season and run up the Jolly Roger for a buccaneering good time. These high sea’s models, they can look good while being ethical in all the right places. Life is too precious to be lonely for too long. Remember the adage, do not sail alone. When the waves rollick and roll, and them swells churn and crash upon the deck, you want some support around you. Long John Silver, Redbeard, and all them pirates await your arrival.

Hoist Up the John B’s Sails

Furniture for interior design is another element to consider, when boating with the rich and famous. Don’t let the style side down with any poor choices, when it comes to decking out your yacht. Hoist up the John B’s sails and call for the captain ashore. Celebrity yachting with a bevy of near naked mariner models aboard can raise the most sluggish of masts. Aye, aye, Captain, setting staysails. Hire models to board your yacht with you; and here is hoping that seas remain calm and you make it back to port before the next storm rolls in.