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Types of Yachts

Motor Yachts

The most popular choice for charters, offering performance, volume and stability.

Sailing Yachts

Experience the romance and freedom of wind, water & sails.

Expedition Yacht

Designed for exploration & long range cruising to all corners of the world.

Classic Yachts

Timeless, elegant and full of character for an authentic cruising experience.

Open Yachts

Exhilarating, high-performance yachts exuding style & speed.


A revolutionary multi-hull design for unparalleled cruising comfort.

Sport Fisher

Built for durability, exploration & above all, big game fishing.

Gulet Yachts

A powerful combination of sail & engine with beautiful craftsmanship.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it. David Lee Roth …. All you need is Wedding DJ Hire to set the scene!


@David Lee Roth

Newest Technologies for Your Yacht

Superyachts are the aspirations of many, it seems; and what drives those dreams? Is it owning your own floating palace or castle, somewhere you can pretend that you are free of outside influences? Have boat will travel in style and cruise the pleasure waters, wherever they are on this earth. At the Monaco Yacht Show it is all about watching TV on your superyacht (seems an expensive way to watch TV). The picture can be beamed onto hidden wall screens via ultra HD video. Discreet technology is the buzzword right now for the super wealthy who boat.

Superyachts Travelling with their Own Balloons

Invisible speakers, which look like other things, broadcast stunning sound. Wi-Fi courtesy of Project Loon by Google will have superyachts travelling with their own balloons delivering high speed internet at sea. Bluetooth localisation will allow big swinging dicks to swan about their superyachts and be serenaded via Bluetooth automatic connectivity. Lighting and ambience can be adjusted to the desired settings for the occupant. Systems redundancy (which sounds like some underling getting the sack), is actually a back up system when primary servers go down.

Your Yacht & Technology

If there is one constant in this world of increasingly rapid change, it is that innovation and boat design will always go hand in hand. Even if that hand may soon be robotic and the material it is made out of is carbon-fibre. The America’s Cup is like sailing’s NASA in many ways, a catalyst for technological innovation. Yacht designers are building ever faster boats to compete in events like the Sydney to Hobart and other big-time races. The materials, that hulls and sails are being made out of, are stretching the envelope in design and performance terms. These high tech solutions are making boats faster and able to do many more things.

Progressive Highway in Sailing

How you handle waste at sea is another realm, continually being modified and upgraded. Superyachts, now, have compressors and vacuum holding tanks aboard. Air filtration, UV treatments and biological solutions are coming online as well. Energy self-sufficiency is another progressive highway in sailing. Solar panels are one expanding source of power happening on boats around the globe. Wind generators are another means of self-generating power on the high seas. Water turbines are turning heads in this regard as well in the modern sailing world. Keeping your battery charged is now easier and cheaper than ever before.

The prestigious Sydney Boat Show is on again this year at Darling Harbour from 2nd to 6th of August 2018.

For more information on a luxury Sydney private guided tour while attending the show visit our recommended luxury tour operator Your Sydney Guide here: http://www.yoursydneyguide.com.au

The 2018 Sydney Boat Show official website can be viewed here: https://www.sydneyboatshow.com.au


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Tips for Selecting The Right Lawyer

Whether you are getting a will done or setting up a trust, buying or selling real estate or getting a divorce, it is important to select the best lawyer possible. To find out what tips you can use to make sure that you are picking the right one for you.
Interview Lawyers
Many legal firms offer an initial consultation free of charge. Take advantage of this. Use the meeting to determine whether you feel the lawyer is sincere about looking after you and forthcoming. Instinctively, some people have the ability to determine an individual’s character within a few minutes of interacting with the person; however, there are a few personality traits that can also tip you off.For example, is the lawyer looking you in the eye when speaking with you, or is he or she looking at the ground? According to some body language experts, people who don’t maintain eye contact usually have a problem with the truth. Also, ask what kind of cases he or she has litigated in the pastAsk the attorney about your case’s chance of success or failure. If the lawyer sounds unusually optimistic and doesn’t tell you any of the risks or downplays the costs associated with the case, he or she is probably not being honest with you. Remember, there are downsides and risks to almost every case!Prior to entering into any formal relationship it is important to feel secure in the knowledge that your lawyer is an honest individual. After all, there’s nothing worse then being in an extended court battle and not having confidence in the person on your side – particularly one who is willing and able to communicate your chances of prevailing. It would be equally disturbing to find out that the attorney representing you is hurting your case because of his or her questionable reputation or methods.Thorough and ResponsiveThe initial meeting or conversation with the attorney can also help you to determine whether he or she is detail oriented and will be responsive to your needs. Again, your instincts should serve as your guide. Be sure to ask the attorney if it’s OK to call them throughout the case to discuss any concerns you may have. If he or she balks at the idea, it may indicate that you’ll have trouble relaying your thoughts and obtaining answers to your questions once the case is up and running.

Other questions that should be asked include:

  • Will I be given periodic updates on the status of the case in writing or by phone?
  • Will they be the main point of contact, or will communications be delegated to a paralegal?

There is nothing worse then having an attorney who won’t respond to your inquiries, or hear your concerns. To that end, be sure to retain an attorney who is communicative.

In Your Price Range

Finding the right attorney for you means finding one who provides services you can afford. With that in mind, all individuals should inquire about costs at the outset of the initial meeting. After all, it would be horrifying to find out (after the fact) that the attorney is charging you per letter, per hearing, or in some other manner that only encourages him or her to drag the case out and to rack up fees.

Also, try to obtain an estimate of what the case will cost to litigate in writing. Then, again in writing, try to secure a contract that will spell out the maximum costs associated with trying your case. This will prevent any unwanted surprises.

What is a “fair” price? That depends upon your individual legal tasks. For example, some property conveyancing typically range from $700 to $1,200, while complex matters can easily cost much more. Simple commercial transactions, such as buying a local business, often range from $2,000 to $4,000, but if the process takes longer than expected, this will also increase the price. The same is true in a divorce proceeding: if your soon-to-be “ex” doesn’t contest, the matter could be solved for a few thousand dollars, but if a drawn out fight ensues, it could easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Most attorneys looking to avoid disagreements with their clients will insist that a contract be signed by both parties at the outset. If your attorney does not offer a contract, make sure that you obtain something in writing, preferably on letterhead stating likely and maximum charges.

Seek Those With Experience

While it is important to have an attorney that you can trust, it is equally important that he or she has extensive experience in the area of law for which you require their services. For example, you should you use an attorney with estate planning experience to draft your will, a divorce attorney to draft divorce papers and a trial lawyer to defend you in a criminal case. General practitioners are good for basic real estate transactions, or other non-complex matter, but their lack of detailed knowledge and experience in a given field can hurt your case. So, its important to check on their particular experience in the field you require assistance with as mentioned earlier.

Consider the Size of the Firm You’d Be Dealing With

There are advantages to hiring a lawyer from a small firm. In most cases, you receive more personalized, prompt attention. In addition, the lawyer representing you will probably have a fairly large amount of time to dedicate to your case. This may not be the situation at large firms, where attorneys must often juggle numerous cases and may have many responsibilities to the firm and its partners that could draw their attention away from your needs.

However, large firms also have advantages. After all, many judges and opposing attorneys respect large reputable firms for the cases they’ve won, and their ability. Large firms also typically have greater resources in terms of money and manpower to research your case and to craft strategy.

In short, weigh the pros and cons of having a small or a large firm to try your case before signing a contract.

Where to Look for a Lawyer

 There are several sources for finding a lawyer with the right qualifications to represent you.

In Australia, you can ask the local law society for their list of lawyers operating in your area. Doyles Guide rate lawyers in particular  fields of expertise which is helpful.

In addition to the phone book and on line directories, its also a good idea to ask a friend to recommend a lawyer, they tend to tell you quickly ones to avoid which can be insightful.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right lawyer can make your case, while selecting the wrong one can doom it, so do your homework, look at their social media pages and check their Google & directory reviews.

If you are looking for legal representation on a Family Law matter, the Yachte team endorse the work of Sydney based Justice Family Lawyers.   You can learn more about them and view their website here: https://justicefamilylawyers.com.au

How to Look Like You Own a Yacht

Alas, the sockless boat shoe look has spread far and wide, and well beyond the shores of your local marina. Similarly, the captain’s hat, the Fiddler, the skipper’s hat, whatever you wish to call it, is more at home on Gilligan’s Island than anywhere else these days. Stripes remain perennially popular amongst the maritime crowd; and those wishing to evoke those French sailor’s and their sexy girlfriends. Nautical themes with boatnecks can make you stand out from the crowd, when it comes to casting off your anchor. Here are a few bright ideas, as to how to look like you own a yacht.

Dressing Like a Yachtee

Windbreakers, spray jackets, UV trousers, deck shorts, and salopettes can all suggest the maritime realm. The yacht owner is always working on his sail boat, so, remember to park your boat in clear view of your adoring public. Living on a marina makes sense if you want to give off the right impression. Otherwise, make sure you have your yacht on its trailer out the front of the house. Decorate your garden with sea shells, and rusting anchors as sculptures, to ensure that rolled gold nautical vibe.

The Wealthy Sailor Emanates Confidence

The wealthy sailor emanates confidence and success. Implants for a fantastic smile can seal the deal when it comes to walking the talk on the high seas. Nobody can resist the rare smile of the sea going captain. Do you remember The Ghost and Mrs Muir? Of course, this was a remake of a veritable movie, made in 1947, and starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. The ancient mariner made more palatable by Hollywood in this delightful romantic comedy. Our ghostly captain favoured dark navy colours in contrast to the lovely Mrs Muir.

The Drunken Sailor

Laser therapies can help with that rolling gait and other problems with the feet, which long term sailors, often, fall prey to. The boat shoe and the Portuguese Fisherman’s shoe are all sensible examples of footwear suited to the rolling deck. Life aboard the ship, which sails above the swelling seas and the rapid current, is one of changing inclinations. Yachtees must be flexible and able to adapt to the rollicking waves in life and in love. The drunken sailor is, sometimes, wrongly accused because of his rolling gait. Dress for success wherever you abide, whether it be on land or sea.


How to Ensure Your Yacht Has the Proper Amenities

All boats are not equal, it has to be said. There are big boats and little boats, and in-between boats. Personally, I have always thought boats are overpriced. That may not be a popular position to take, but I stand by it just the same. Despite this, or, perhaps, because of this, boats remain an attractive option for a favoured minority within our communities. Boats are for some a sign of their success to brandish in front of the world, “look at me, I’ve got a boat!” This is only the beginning, however, next you have to learn how to ensure that your yacht has the proper amenities.

Equipping Your Yacht with the Right Stuff

Let us confine our discussion to sail boats. You next need to ask yourself a few defining questions before buying your yacht. Are you going to do long distance sailing or just day sailing? Will you live aboard, if you are island hopping? Space becomes very important the longer you plan to inhabit your boat. A minimum of 42 feet is advisable for serious sailing. You can pay anything from a $100 000 to $500 000 for a yacht of this size depending, whether it is second hand or new, and what amenities it offers. Will your boat be built out of fiberglass or wood? Monohull or catamaran? Are the compartments big enough? How about the galley and the head? Ensure that your prospective purchase has the proper amenities to satisfy your requirements.

Customising Your Yacht

Once you have chosen your boast, you might want to perform some storage renovations, depending on the length of your planned journey. To pack food, or stop off more often, depends largely on the type of trip you have in mind. You can customise your yacht to make it just right for you. When you have limited space, and plan to live on your boat for some time, it pays to get things just right. For good health aboard, it is essential that you create the perfect abode for you and your partner.

Equip Your Yacht

Solar panels can be a great way to be self sufficient aboard your yacht. Plus, wind/water generators. Ensure that you have all necessary safety equipment on board, because once you are out there alone, it will be too late to run to the store. Equip your yacht with the right gear and it will ensure your safety.

Equipping The Kitchen On & Off The Boat

Today the scope of the Ayoub Supply business includes not only foodservice and hospitality supplies, but commercial foodservice equipment and food facility design.

Ayoub Supply offers foodservice operators an unparalleled level of service by combining the hands-on support and local market knowledge of a strong regional supplier with the purchasing strength, industry expertise, delivery and installation capabilities of a national company. They work closely with our customers and suppliers; which include national restaurant chains, independent restaurant operators, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, yacht club kitchens and many other segments; to provide the products and services that will help them operate more efficiently and realise better bottom line results.

The Ayoub Supply organisation was formed from the consolidation of many leading foodservice equipment, supply and design personnel into a single company. Though the Ayoub Supply name has been in use since 1983, the people behind the name are among the most experienced in the industry. This experience, combined with their strategic areas of specialisation, position Ayoub Supply to provide food service operators with solutions to their most complex requirements for any yacht, yacht club or onshore catering facility.

To view their website and gain more information about Ayoub Supply, visit the website here: https://www.ayoubsupply.com.au/


How to Hire Models to Board Your Yacht with You

In the bad old days, if you had a boat, and you wanted some eye candy action aboard, you would raid a coastal village or two and steal some locals. Enslaving women was one of the most lucrative angles in the ancient world. In fact, someone should tell those eastern Europeans that we don’t live in those times anymore. These days, you can access a modern slave market for models by contacting one of the many agencies who hire out good looking youngsters for events and trade shows. Tits and teeth are on display, as these girls crew in revealing swimsuits; and know their way around a captain or two. Here is how to hire models to board your yacht with you.

Rent Models to Crew Your Yacht

If you want to look good and impress clients or friends, then renting models to crew your yacht is the way to go. Models come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will need to specify if you want your model to walk and talk or just walk. Some of them are bilingual, which means that they can converse in two or more languages. Bilingual, I said, not necessarily bisexual, my misanthropic mariner. Obviously, the talking models are more expensive to hire for your cruise.

High Sea’s Models

Sail in to Sydney this season and run up the Jolly Roger for a buccaneering good time. These high sea’s models, they can look good while being ethical in all the right places. Life is too precious to be lonely for too long. Remember the adage, do not sail alone. When the waves rollick and roll, and them swells churn and crash upon the deck, you want some support around you. Long John Silver, Redbeard, and all them pirates await your arrival.

Hoist Up the John B’s Sails

Furniture for interior design is another element to consider, when boating with the rich and famous. Don’t let the style side down with any poor choices, when it comes to decking out your yacht. Hoist up the John B’s sails and call for the captain ashore. Celebrity yachting with a bevy of near naked mariner models aboard can raise the most sluggish of masts. Aye, aye, Captain, setting staysails. Hire models to board your yacht with you; and here is hoping that seas remain calm and you make it back to port before the next storm rolls in.


Yacht Fashion Trends

Trends in Yacht, Skate & Surf Wear

It has been apparent for a number of years now that fashions associated with yacht and surfing culture have moved well beyond those circles directly involved in those pursuits. Similarly, we have seen Dior Homme adorn its Paris fashion show catwalk with neon infused garments. Vogue Magazine published a “Yacht Week” editorial feature in 2016. Now, the runways of fashion models seem to regularly collide with skateboarders, such as Alex Olson, Eli Reed and the late Dylan Rieder. Not all hard-core skaters and surfers are happy about this appropriation of their fashion brands and street wear. Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher magazine has caustically come out against celebrities clothed in Thrasher T-shirts. Of course, older suburbanites have been wearing surf wear for decades now. Youth culture appeals to those who are losing it and getting older. Wearing the fashions associated with these activities links consumers to the subcultures involved, in the minds of the wearer anyway.

Cosmopolitan Youth Fashion & Gear

Brands like Thrills, All About Eve, One Teaspoon, Somedays Lovin’, Silent Theory, Nude Lucy, Rhythm, Vans, Superga and Birkenstock are hot in street wear fashion for women. The desire to look good and feel good has never been more on the money. Trends in skate, surf and street wear capture the urban vibe prevalent in Australia and around the western world. Some call it cosmopolitan youth; and skateboarding is the perfect showcase for young humans tied to big cities. In ancient times, hunters paraded their skills in the wilds, surfers still have to journey to the ocean, but the skaters thrash out their moves on the concrete superficies of a corner of the city. The guys are wearing: Thrills, TCSS (The Critical Slide Society), Rhythm, Vans, Globe, Banks, Barney Cools, Silent Theory, St Goliath & Vans. Up top, cool eyewear brands include Raen, Le Spec & Epokhe. In the surf it is Futures, Modom, Captain Fin Co, Channel Islands, Octopus and Tools who are making waves.

Streetwear History

Streetwear emerged in many ways as a way for a new youth culture to have its own iconic brands. Shawn Stussy made surfboards in the 1980s and started branding T-shirts, which took off big time. Vetements and Off-White have made their brand names on the back of this early streetwear movement. Supreme was another pioneer in the New York skate scene and would become another iconic urban youth clothing brand. Supreme would begin the extension of streetwear fashion by collaborating with mainstream brands like Nike, Fila, APC and The North Face. Some streetwear commentators see a democratisation in the high-end fashion world, which has seen new players entering the field. Young hip designers, no longer beholden to the same gatekeepers, are launching new labels and succeeding.  The embracing of more relaxed fashion standards has been another powerful influence in the emergence of streetwear upon the world’s stage. People are not dressing up to go out, but dressing down to stay comfortable in their casual gear. Some casual gear is adorned with bling to make it special in its own unique way.

What’s Further Down the Street to Wear?

Trends in skate, surf and street wear are not going away any time soon, in fact, expect bigger and better. As these youth fashions continue to extend their reach into mainstream culture there will be a dilution and blending happening. Can the anti-fashion genesis survive in the fashion obsessed arena of popular culture? High-end fashion houses producing oversized hoodies is an example of the cross pollination between these two vastly different worlds. We have seen Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborating, what will we see next on the scene? Comfortable clothing that you can move your body in, fits our current enjoyment of lithe and lean physiques. Whether skateboarding, surfing, or just being seen out and about on the streets, we all want to look good. That is not going to go away any time soon.



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